Genuine And Safe Information On Inducing Labor

Here Are Some Easy And Safe Ways To Induce Labor At Home

Your big day is fast approaching, and you may be a little bit nervous. This is completely normal, especially as the clock starts to tick down closer and closer to your due date – but things can get a little bit out of control if you’re closing in on zero hour and nothing is happening.

While the very first thing you should do is contact your medical professionals to make sure that everything is going according to plan, there are a couple of things you can do safely in the comfort of your own home to get the labor process moving along. No drugs, no medicines, no weird poking and probing – all of these exercises will give you the chance to jump start the birthing process in a super natural and safe way. Here are some of the best.


Long beloved for the health benefits that all yoga students enjoy, using the ancient workout, relaxation, and mediation combo activity can actually get your body going with the labor process. There are only about a million and a half poses that are safe for using while you are pregnant, but the very best ones should be taught to you only with the help of a certified yoga professional.

There is a lot of bending and contorting that will go on, and while there are some very specific poses and exercises that work wonderful as ways to induce labor at home, you’ll need to make sure that you’re doing them properly before attempting, especially when you have a baby still on board.


Most of the natural ways to induce labor at home all involve some kind of low impact exercise that gets the body running and ready to help you get your new baby out and into the world – and walking definitely falls into that category. There’s almost no need to walk any extreme distances, and you can move at a pace that feels completely comfortable for you.

There is an added bonus to walking – not only is it one of the very best ways to induce labor at home, but it’s also an amazing stress reducer. Just getting out of the house and moving around outside can completely lower your stress levels and have a massive impact on how you’re feeling – something that in and of itself can help you to start inducing labor all on your own, 100% naturally.

Have Sex

While most of us would hardly call this exercise (you’ll rarely come up with excuses to skip it like you would the gym), one of the top ways to induce labor at home is to actually partake in the same process that go you here in the first place.

Having sex with your partner not only will help the body move the birthing process along but will also strength the bond between you two and your new baby. A lot of people are a little wary about using sex to induce labor, but it’s completely safe and will also drop pressure and stress levels across the board.

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